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Leet Computers provides two different data recovery services, the first is for accidentally deleted files, files that you sent to the recycle bin and then emptied without a second thought only to realise weeks later that you actually needed it! The faster you tell us about the missing files the more chance we have of recovering the data in one piece.

The second kind of data recovery is when your hard drive finally gives up the ghost and won't boot up any more, if that happens all is not lost as we can potentially save all the data or at least most of the data on the drive. Similarly to the other form of data recovery the quicker you get the drive to us the bigger the chance of a fix.

Depending on how much data needs to be recovered we can provide it to you on a CD or a DVD for free or if you choose we can put it all onto a new hard drive for you.

Of course it's best practice to keep a back up on an external device, so instead of letting it get this far why not consider an on line backup package?


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